ThinkPad configurator GUI - latest version 0.3.5


tpconf is a linuxconf module providing GUI (frontend) for tpctl, a commandline tool for ThinkPad BIOS access.
Here's a screenshot of version 0.3.2, showing tpconf in gnome-linuxconf and ncurses mode (if you wonder my linuxconf is using norwegian menus, normally all buttons and menus will be in english or your local language).
Most menus and dialogs are now defined, but expect further tuning of the layout and functionality in future versions.

[2000-10-27] Help needed - would you like to work on this module?

To bad but I currently don't have enough time available to complete the TPconf module. The module is probably still too unfinished to be really useful for end users, but it is not that much left to make it more useful. I mostly have the ideas/plans ready on how to finish it, but lack the time to implement them. Some interesting features to implement is:

* Adding code to parse the tpctl output, so the current state may be seen in the config dialogs. This could also be used to store the current state in a Linuxconf confdb object, by doing this it will be pretty simple to let TPconf manage multiple state profiles, for easy retrival and activation (like AC/MaxPowerSave/Docked/etc profiles). The hardest part (for me) is the parsing itself, if someone is able to implement a good parsing routine I know how to use the confdb/profile stuff. Take a look at the output from tpctl to determine how the parsing could be done.

* Update the module to support the latest tpctl module. As the latest tpctl (1.x) is targeting for a final/stable relase, this would be a good time to try the same for tpconf.

* Add support for the serial/ioport etc features of recent tpctl versions - by using the conf/db stuff it should be possible to restore serial settings on system boot.

* Improve the help pages - could also cover general Thinkpad issues not directly related to tpctl.

* Improve the dialogs and the menu structure.

If this sounds interesting, send me a mail and tell me what you think. I will have some time available to spend on finishing the module, and may help with most of the linuxconf issues - this could also be a good way to learn more about Linuxconf module development (if you find the Linuxconf concept interesting). Many useful developer tools like cvs archive, distribution system, webspace, mailinglists etc is available if needed.


Send questions, comments and bug reports to: Stein Vråle <>.




Dialogs are not updated dynamically. tpconf is not able to parse the current bios information, so all values which is shown in the dialog configuration fields are not reflecting the current status, but are only showing hardcoded defaults. This is a major limitation, because you must be careful to sett ALL values in a dialog as you wish, BEFORE you update the dialog. But also note that the status information which is shown above the configuration fields is showing current status, it is not hardcoded. Just remember to look at this and reenter it in the dialog when you change something. This is first priority to fix, but I don't know how this could be done properly - yet!

No serial/IR support It is not possible to configure the serial/IRQ stuff. You still have to use the Dos PS2 utility or the Windows utility to configure this.

Missing helpfiles Refer to the tpctl documentation.


Install tpctl: rpm -Uvh tpctl-x.x.x.rpm

Install tpconf: rpm -Uvh tpconf-x.x.x.rpm (add --nodeps if rpm complains about LINUXCONFAPIREV)


From commandline:

Standalone $ tpconf
Linuxconf $ linuxconf (ThinkPad menu will show up in main control menu inside linuxconf).
Text mode $ tpconf --text or $ linuxconf --text


Download tpconf from the Package Distribution Central.

Download tpctl from the tpctl download page.

Downlaod linuxconf from the Linxuconf download page.


Stein Vråle author of tpconf.
Thomas Hood author of tpctl
Jacques Gelinas author of linuxconf


tpctl - Homepage for the tpctl console configurator and kernel modules.

ntpctl - This is a ncurses front-end for tpctl.

Linuxconf - Homepage for the Linuxconf Project.

Linux-ThinkPad.Org - Resources for Linux on Thinkpad's.

Bill Mair's ThinkPad Page - More resources for Linux on Thinkpad usage.

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