Older news

21.9.1999 Fresh OpenLDAP and PAM/NSS packages
  • New RPM packages for nss_ldap/pam_ldap, including RH6 updated pam.d files
  • New RPM package for OpenLDAP-1.2.7, built on RH5.2, using SRPMS from RedHat RawHide
  • These packages will now be used for ldapconf devel machines.
  • Check out the download section for locations
18.9.1999 ldapconf 0.11 released
  • Module setup dialog - control ldapconf behaviour/features.
  • Formclient - define directory form profiles for users.
  • Userinfo and formclient may now update,delete,search and add entries in remote directories.
  • Include sample forms for:
    • userinfo - additional unix account info in ldap
    • contacts - addressbook with support for Netscape, Outlook and others
    • accounts - unix account info
  • Include ready-to-use demo profile for testing.
  • Tested with Lorax file locations.
  • Some more helpfiles. Check out the manual.
30.7.99 ldapconf 0.10 released
  • This is a major feature release
  • It is the first preview of all the work done with ldapconf in july.
  • All parts are not quite ready for usage, but some of the new features may be tested partly.
  • One feature which SHOULD work, is the possibility to save extra info for unix users in a LDAP directory
  • Other new features are:
  • - Support for multiple directory forms which may be designed from scratch
  • - Support for saving of multiple "bind" profiles, to ease the use of different bindings for different apps.
  • - Support for importing an Netscape addressbook and publish it.
  • - Support for almost 100% GUI based openldap configuration.
  • - Lots of more help in the manual.
  • Still, this is a preview, and things are not too easy to setup yet.
  • There are also lots of bad coding, small bugs, security issues, and missing instructions.
  • So it should not be used in production yet.
  • But it should be safe to try it out on a non production server.
  • Hopefully you should be able to get some of the stuff working, and if not useful, it is at least interesting to see the possibilites.
  • The major purpose of this release is to bug out the most important problems, smooth the installation and setup stuff, and evalute what should be priority and what should not.
  • For a start you should read the new manual, which is now also published here, and try to get the userinfo or the addressbook import to work.
  • I have tried to write some step-by-step guides on how to enable some of the features, but please mail me or ask on the mailinglist if something is unclear (I know lots of stuff are, but need your help to detect it :-)
30.7.99 New WWW design
  • I'm currently testing out a new html design concept on the ldapconf pages (unreleated to ldapconf).
  • It is using stylesheets to provide more "style" to CSS enabled browsers.
  • The idea is to use CSS to make the same pages work for all.
  • Therefor this pages is supposed to be easily readable in lynx and older browsers.
  • If you have problems reading this pages, please send me a comment.
22.6.99 NSS/PAM RPMS
  • New RPM's packaged for OpenLdap/RH5/6:
  • This RPM's will replace the ldapns RPM
  • Based on the latest sources from PADL: nss_ldap, pam_ldap, MigrationTools
  • Sample config files in /usr/doc
  • Compiled for OpenLDAP-1.2.3, which is now available as RPM from the RedHat contrib area
  • The new RPM's is currently available here
  • Please report any problems or comments for this RPM's to Stein
20.6.99 ldapconf 0.9
  • Will now include helpfiles (bug)
  • Will now install ldapconf and ldapuser frontends in /bin
  • Some bugfixes and improvements
16.5.99 ldapconf 0.7
  • Working client configurator
  • Working userinfo editor
  • Simple server configurator
  • Database migration button (requires ldapns tools).
  • Simple PAM/NSS configurator available, but not recommended.
  • Do not use on production machines.
3.5.99 Test database
  • To test the client mode of ldapconf, a demo database has been set up.
  • The ldap server is ldap.demo.nett.org
  • The base is set to dc=demo,dc=nett,dc=org
  • This is all you need to configure, to search in the demo database.