General info


To create a linuxconf module to configure and operate a Linux LDAP based directory server. This will also include PAM and NSS config. How this module should work and what it should do is currently open for discussion.


Read what some major server vendors have to say about LDAP:

Netscape Directory Server
Sun Directory Services 1.0
Microsoft Active Directory Technical Summary
Novell Directory Services
HP FoundationWare Directory Services


You must have installed linuxconf version 1.13r12 or higher before you can install the ldapconf module.

  • Install the OpenLDAP package: rpm -Uvh openldap
  • Optional

    • Install NSS/PAM LDAP to use the system client mode: rpm -Uvh nss_ldap pam_ldap


    • Get ldapconf from the download directory.
    • Install with rpm -Uvh ldapconf


    Starting linuxconf, you will now have the following menus:

    • Ready to use
      • Configure->Network->Client->LDAPclient
      • Configure-<Network->Services->LDAPserver
      • Control->Panel->LDAPcontrol
    • Or all menus
      • Configure->Misc->LDAPmain

    Client test (using demoserver).

    To test with demoserver, you must have openldap installed, and connection to the internet.

    • Enter the database client: Configure->Misc->LDAPmain->LDAP client
    • Set base to dc=demo, dc=nett, dc=org
    • Set server to ldap.demo.nett.org
    • Push the Search button
    • After some seconds, a list of database objects should show up.
    • You may change the search filter.
    • Refer to the ldapsearch man pagefor more info.