ISDNprofile beta

isdn4linux card & isp database - 1999-3-9 - Stein Vråle

This is a web based configuration utility for setting up isdn card and link configurations.
You may search for a default configuration for your card and your internet provider, then customize it for your setup, and finally generate profiles you may use directly with the isdn4net script system.

The data can also be useful for people not using the isdn4net scripts, and the amount of information will grow when information on new providers and cards are submitted.

Please feel free to add more information to the database, using the Add function.
If you find invalid information in the database, please contact me for update
If you want to make a generator for your own isdn script system, contact me for a template perl script.

isp profile database

Search for isp profile.
List all isp profiles
Add a new isp profile.

card profile database

Search for card profile.
List all card profiles.
Add a new card profile.


isdn4net Script system for isdn4linux, can use profiles from the isdnprofile generator.
isdn terminator More isdn resources.