i s d n 4 n e t

HOWTO use isdn4net 1.4 (1999-2-2)

Sorry that this howto is not yet complete, you will find some additional info inside the package, and you may contact me by mail if you have questions!


The isdn link configuration is set by reading all related config files and "merge" the result from this. So if you set a parameter in one file which is read early the same parameter may be "overriden" in files read later. In this way you can put common/default values for parameters in the first files and then set link spesific values later in the config scheme.

Also note that you don't have to use all this files, all link parameters may be put in one ifcfg-ippp0 only for instance (like it was in isdn4net-1.0)

The configuration files arealways read in this order:

Theres also a special file, /etc/isdn/ippp.map, which must be edited if you will use more than one link device (ippp0 is installed by default). In this file you set a pointer from a device name to a profilename, telling the system that "the settings from this profile should be used on this device".