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Notice! isdn4net now have a new maintainer! (2003-08-12)

I'm happy to announce that isdn4net now have a new maintainer, Steffen Barszus, who is working on a new release with more features. Please contact him if you have comments or suggestions.
I'm sorry that I haven't been able to keep up working on isdn4net for a while, but as I now have a cable connection and no more ISDN lines (or bills ;) it is rather difficult (and pointless) to keep maintaining it. I will keep this site online for reference, but it will not be updated - Steffen is planning to setup a new and updated isdn4net site in the future.
Thanks to everyone who have contributed to isdn4net with problem reports, patches, and general comments during the years. I have recived a lot of positive comments/usage reports during this time, and belive isdn4net is still running on a lot of linuxboxes around the world (I'm still interested in isdn4net usage reports btw, so if you have runned it for many years or have some special setup like dialin etc let me know).
isdn4net is a true GPL product, made by it's users for it's users - I hope it will still be providing isdn access for many many years, and wish Steffen the best of luck with the future maintance and releases!

!!! The rest of this site is old and may contain outdated/obsolete information !!!

isdn4linux configurator - version 1.4.6 - 2000-10-23

isdn4net is a collection of scripts & configuration files to help you run isdn4linux.
Designed for fast setup of a simple dialout to one ISP, but may also be used for management of complex setups.

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Announce list

If you are interested in announcments for isdn4net / isdnadmin / isdn4linux you are welcome to join the isdn-announce mailinglist. The list is moderated and will be kept on a low traffic level. Join by sending a mail to majordomo@terminator.net with subscribe isdn-announce in the message body.

Developer mailinglist


BugTerminator isdn4net resources:

Discussion forum
Help forum

Other request may be sent to the current maintainer: Stein Vråle.

Help with setup and configuration also possible if time is available.


Current features:

More information can be found inside the package (look in /usr/doc/isdn4net-1.x after installation)


isdn4net This includes all system scripts, sample configurations and isdn4linux documentation which is needed to automate the isdn4linux tools.

isdn4k-utils Package with binarys (or source) needed to run isdn4linux.

sysV linux system with support for ifup / ifdown network scripts and init scripts. isdn4net is currently only tested on RedHat 5.x, but support for other distributions will be made if someone says whats needed.

isdn-kernel Linux 2.0.36 with module support for your ISDN card. Note that common isdn cards are available in the standard rh5 distribution.


This tools are not reqired to run isdn4net, but may expand the functionality.

isdnadmin With this linuxconf module it is possible to control isdn4net from X11, HTML or terminal mode.

isdnprofile This is a web based database containing information about known isdn cards and internet providers. May also be used to generate profiles for isdn4net.


J"org Lehrke Author of the original isdn4net package. (isdn4net-1.0)

Stein Vråle Updated to 2.0.36, new profile scheme. Maintainer (isdn4net-1.1)

Mirko Zeibig

Jesse Kuang Fixed the MPPP stuff.

Achim Steinmetz conf.module support and more

Also thanks to all the people who have reported problems and suggested improvements, thanks to you isdn4net should now work quite well on most distributions and in most countries.