Linuxconf module for advanced html interface

Version: 0.3.2 - Updated: 2000-10-29 - by Stein Vråle


HTMLplus is an experimental module for linuxconf, which purpose is to use various html features and tricks trying to enchance the html mode of linuxconf, without breaking the normal operation of linuxconf or modify the core Linuxconf code itself.


HTMLplus is primarly used for testing out new features, and should be considered exprimental/unstable. The current 0.3.2 version seems to be pretty safe and harmless to use, but it is not recommended to install htmlplus on production servers. There may be security problems (none known yet but...), and the module will also leave a bunch if files in the linuxconf directory (in the help.*/ and images/ directories) after an uninstall.


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v 0.3.1

v 0.2.2


The HTMLplus features may be tested "live" using a demoserver, where it runs in a chroot enviroment. Some parts are not operational in demo mode, but you should get the "feeling" of how the treemenu works. The initial treemenu page may take some time to download, if it ends with an error, please try to reload it again a few times.

The demoserver is now upgraded to htmlplus-0.3.2 and use the "Terminator" theme (the sample included in the package).

Use root to login, linux for password:

Treemenu Demo

HelpIndex Demo

Treemenu SSL Demo (Ignore errors with selfsigned SSL certificate).


Currently it will provide a javascript driven treemenu to the html mode of linuxconf, which may safely be used as an addition to the normal html mode. You will not break anything in the normal html operation of linuxconf with this treemenu, rather it may be used as an optional navigator for the treemenu hiarchy of linuxconf (which is growing rapidly while linuxconf provides more features and dialogs).

The treemenu is generated from the native linuxconf treemenu structure, and therefor it will show the same tree you will find in the other GUI frontends to linuxconf. Please note that the actual javascript functions is developed externally (see related), htmlplus is only generating the actual menucode which configures the javascript functions.

The generator code was originally made as a patch to the treemenu module, but I decided to move the relevant code into its own module, to be more independant from the linuxconf core source. This makes it easy to try out new features without any patching of linuxconf itself, also the menu is still not generated 100% correctly, so the menu should not be considered finished yet.

This also opens the possibility to try out other advanced html stuff in linuxconf, without touching the linuxconf source itself. I have some ideas for other things to do with this module, and are interested to cooperate with other linuxconf html users to improve this module further. If something really useful comes out of it, maybe some of the module code could be implemented directly in linuxconf itself. So consider this an optional html enchancer for linuxconf, suitable for developing new experimental html features.


Some dialogs is not working from the treemenu The treemenu is not generated 100% correctly. Some of the URL's to linuxconf html dialogs will fail, resulting in a failure message from linuxconf: "You are trying to enter a dialog from a previous session of linuxconf". This message is irrelevant, but indicates that the URL from the treemenu is not understood by linuxconf. I'm not sure how the generator could parse the treemenu structure to avoid this failures, currently some hardcoded hacks has been implemented to fix the problem for some of the important dialogs. This is not a good solution to the problem, but currently the only one available.

Javascript browser required Well, rather obvious, but in the future it could be possible to generate tree's for plain html also, so any browser could take advantage of treemenu. So far I have testet the menu with Netscape 4.6 for Linux and Windows98, but it should work with Netscape 3.0 and most IExplorer version. Interesting enough it also works when linxuconf is tunneled via Apache proxy/SSL, enabling secure html sessions with treemenu support.


Some ideas for features which could be interesting to implement:




Screenshot of htmlplus-0.2.1


Jacques Gelinas author of linuxconf
Morten Wang author of the javascript treemenu, which is used in htmlplus


Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu This is the fastes and most easy configurable javascript treemenu I have ever tried. Recommended for webprojects which need a treemenu.

Linuxconf - Homepage for the Linuxconf Project.

TerminatorNet - More linuxconf modules.